Taking Hygiene Services Seriously: The Importance of Feminine Hygiene Bins in Sydney

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Sanitary disposal bins are imperative for any unisex or women’s restroom, and every stall should have this facility. While most people are already aware of this fundamental hygienic fact, many do not know that some [...]

Why Your Business Needs Feminine Hygiene Units and Where to Find Hygiene Services, Vending Machines, and More

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From food wrappers to outgrown toys, we tend to throw everything into the trash – where it inevitably ends up in a landfill. Fortunately, people are realising the importance of environmentally friendly disposal solutions, as [...]

The Healthcare Benefits of a No Touch Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser in Sydney

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In the healthcare industry – whether at an urgent care facility, doctor’s office, or large hospital – there’s nothing more important than proper sanitisation and adherence to health and wellness regulations. In places where the [...]

It’s all in the Bin: The Right System and Service for Nappy Waste Disposal Available in Sydney

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If you run a nursery, early learning centre or any community centre where young children frequent, the issue of nappy disposal is one that you must deal with seriously. Since both solid and liquid waste [...]

The Need for Disposal Services and Sanitary Waste Bins for Your Sydney Business

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Having a proper feminine hygiene waste solution is a must for any business that deals with the public. Not only is it considerate for any female clientele and staff you may have, but it is [...]

Safe and Hygienic Waste Disposal Using Sanitary Disposal Bins and Services from Enviro~LCS

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Providing sanitary disposal bins in your washroom cubicles is an essential part of making your female employees, and visitors feel relaxed and comfortable when they use your facilities. When you offer a method of disposing [...]