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Environmental Commitment

ENVIRO-LCS Hygiene Services is an organisation committed to consistently identifying, clarifying and analysing environmental impacts resulting from its activities and ensuring these activities are environmentally sound, while continuing to provide clients with products and services that meet their expectations as stated in the Quality Policy Statement.

ENVIRO-LCS Hygiene Services will comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, and where no specific regulation exists will adopt appropriate responsible standards.

ENVIRO-LCS Hygiene Services is committed to providing a safe, smoke free environment for employees. This will include visitors and contractors where applicable.

Ultimately sound environmental practices will improve the quality of the environment thus ENVIRO-LCS Hygiene Servicesencourages staff to develop positive values, attitudes and expresses sensitivity towards the environment. Training will emphasise staff responsibility for prevention of pollution and waste.

ENVIRO-LCS Hygiene Services recognises the responsibility of all towards conservation.

Active participation in improving and maintaining the quality of the environment will contribute to the development of a global environmental ethic.


ENVIRO-LCS Hygiene Services is committed to:

  • Establishing and maintaining a commitment to continually improve environmental management.
  • Use of appropriate environmental products and other environmental technology.
  • Minimal use of energy and water resources.
  • Minimising waste.
  • Developing recycling opportunities.
  • Ensuring proper handling and disposal methods.
  • Developing and implementing emergency response plans in order to minimise and handle any environmental impact.
  • Encouraging suppliers and contractors to comply with the Environmental Policy.



  • Recycle where possible and practical.
  • Waste to be compressed to minimise bulk.
  • Waste Water recycled.
  • Waste to be disposed of only at appropriate sites.
  • Dry Sanisorb (Natural Inert Mineral) used instead of chemical liquid.
  • AirFresh is CFC free and uses dry formulation and natural flower fragrance instead of chemical fragrance.
  • Deepclean use Bacteria and high pressure water instead of harsh chemicals.
  • Power and electricity turned off when not in use.
  • All vehicles maintained to decrease pollution.
  • Smoke free environment maintained.
  • Staff training to emphasise environmental aspect of technology and products used.
  • In the event of an emergency – management must be notified immediately.
  • Take necessary steps to control any problem.

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