Free period vending machine


Free period vending machine

Did you know?


86% of people surveyed report that they’ve started their period unexpectedly in public without the supplies they needed.


79% of those who had no supplies improvised with toilet paper, paper towels, or another makeshift fix.


Just 48% obtained their supplies from a dispenser in a public restroom.

We’d love to solve this.

Enviro-LCS introduces

Free Vending Machine

To end period poverty in NSW

Period poverty is the the inability to purchase menstrual care products, which is considered a significant obstacle to health, comfort, and engagement with school and community activities. It is experienced by girls, women and other people who menstruate all over the world including Australia.

What does this program offer?

The complete menstrual care system for your facility

Women should find readily accessible tampons and pads and a method for sanitary disposal in every restroom outside the home.

Menstrual care solutions are important for public health and are part of what constitutes a well-appointed restroom. They are as necessary as soap, toilet paper, and paper towels.

It consists of dispensers, vended products and a safe and sanitary method of disposal. All Evogen® No-Touch Menstrual Care Product Dispensers include a factory programmed 5 second time delay between dispenses to discourage malicious use.

  • No-touch operation
  • ADA compliant
  • Large capacity ideal for high traffic restrooms

Is your business socially aware?

Ask yourself…

Do you emphasize social responsibility?

Providing free menstrual care products in restrooms holistically aligns with these noble goals.

The problem

You have created a welcoming community — a gathering place in line with your social mandate.

Then, unknowingly, you asked her to leave.

Who? A mother, sister or daughter. The statistics speak for themselves. 86% of women have experienced the unexpected start of her period while out in public spaces without needed supplies. Then she found a restroom stocked like it’s the men’s room—no matter what the door said.

The solution?


Restroom equality in public places means equipping them such that everyone is invited to stay.


 You couldn’t imagine any public restroom without toilet paper, towels, and soap.


Similarly, women should find readily accessible tampons and pads in every restroom outside the home, including your establishment.

Our progress so far…


March 2022 NSW Government announced Free menstrual hygiene products for public schools.

A $30 million program to place pads and tampons in schools will ensure young women’s education is not be impacted by their period.

Female students at public schools across the state will soon have free access to menstrual hygiene products, following a successful trial in 31 schools.

Inner West Council Initiative

  • In December 2022 Inner West Council took the initiative to roll out 10 machines across various sites within their region.
  • Mayor Darcy Byrne and Deputy Mayor Philippa Scott attended an unveiling at Ashfield Aquatic Centre that received an outpouring of positive response.
  • Some of the sites that we installed at include aquatic centres, libraries and youth centres.