Automatic Nappy Services 50 Litres

Automatic Nappy waste disposal services have proven to be an efficient, hygienic solution to remove biological waste from premises.

The 50 litre Enviro-LCS nappy disposal unit is made from stainless steel and provided for the convenience of the disposal of nappies, incontinence and absorbent hygiene products.

Our nappy units give parents and carers peace of mind knowing that there are safe and hygienic facilities to accommodate for, These units are robust, hard wearing construction to assist you in controlling diaper & incontinence waste safely and easily.

They are made from ABS Impact Resistant Plastic and have a large flap opening that makes it easy for the user.

  • On site servicing upon request
  • Available in automatic lid unit
  • Sanisorb is installed into the unit upon each service.
  • Dimensions: 636mm High x 387mm Width x 285mm Depth


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