Scenting Program – Air Sanitiser Service


Mimic the qualities of Hand Sanitiser in the air, our air sanitising option combines essential oils with naturally derived disinfectants to sterilise the air and successfully neutralise the spread of bacteria. Our alcohol and allergen free air sanitiser is diffused as cold compressed air particles, in a fine mist, to attack bacteria, fungi and pathogens successfully. This unique composition in the form of micro droplets uses citric acid to dehydrate the water content of the bacteria’s nucleus to then kill the harmful bacteria, pathogen or fungi1.


Clinically Proven Results
Unlike other simple masking agents, this citric acid based disinfectant combines natural compounds of essential oils, glycerin and sodium citrate. These ingredients have been proven to be 99% effective at killing bacteria microbial colonies2


Disinfectant Ability and Safety Comparison

The Air Sanitiser has significant advantages when compared to many other well known products on the market. The disinfectant ability of the product combined with the safe fully serviced application means that you can expect a sterile environment free from bacteria and pathogens.


  • Bacteria Eradication
  • Removal of Pathogens
  • Anti-Viral
  • Odour Control
  • Allergy Prevention
  • Air Sanitisation

Please find below brochure and Material Safety Data Sheet: