Antibacterial Surface Wipes Service

Enviro-LCS install, maintain & Service.

Our antibacterial cleaning wipes are a quick and convenient way to disinfect surfaces regardless of your industry. From gyms and co-working spaces to supermarkets, universities and shopping centres, our disinfectant cleaning wipes are durable, disposable, pre-moistened and ready to use.

These commercial cleaning wipes are alcohol-free, bleach-free and o-phenol-free,  creating an effective disinfectant cleaning wipe.

Specifications:    1200 wipes per roll, each 20 x 14cm


Great for:             – Gyms and health clubs
                               – Universities and Government facilities
                               – Co-working spaces and offices
                               – Supermarkets and large retailers
                               – Shopping centres
                               – Commercial cleaning and supply companies


Available:           – Stainless Steel Floor Stand & Wall Mounted units.


* Antibacterial Wipes MSDS