V-Screen Duo Mat Service

The active core in the V-Screen+ is not only designed to reduce bacteria, but also provides a secondary fragrance.

The core contains naturally occurring bacteria which produce enzymes to degrade organic matter.

This eliminates bad smells and breaks down organic scale build up keeping the whole bathroom smelling fresh.

Most urinal mats have a drop in performance well before the 30 days whilst the V-Screen+ urinal mat has been developed to work up to 60 days.

The unique bubble and bristle pattern of the V-Screen+ reduces the amount of cleaning around the urinal by drastically reducing splash-back.

It is also designed to allow any water in the urinal to drain away easily. Your staff and customers will benefit from less waste and better performance.

  • Scent – Marine Musk is a musky wave of the aquatic merging with citrus, lemon and orange notes. Rose and jasmine infuse with fir, lavender and coumarin to produce this unique Marine Musk fragrance.