There are always pros and cons to each suburb and community. But it’s different here at Ashfield because locals find it hard to point out what’s wrong here. Upfront we immediately see that Ashfield is near the Sydney central business district and major public hospitals and excellent schools (e.g. Ashfield Public which was established in 1876) and universities.

It’s also a high-density area when it comes to people and structures. There are significant shopping and commercial areas along Liverpool Road, Charlotte Street and Elizabeth Street with something more along the Parramatta Road. For those who are exhausted of the concrete and want to see more green, there’s the Ashfield Park, Pratten Park, Hammond Park and Yeo Park. It’s a complete package here which is why thousands coming from different cultural backgrounds choose to stay.

Washroom services Ashfield

The suburb is about movement and activity. This also means that commercial and public facilities are used often. It’s especially the case with washrooms whether it’s in a shop, park, restaurant, hotel, school, healthcare facility, library, workplace or government building.

Keeping the washrooms clean and smelling fresh has been our focus here since 1990. Here at Enviro LCS, we enforce high hygiene standards when it comes to washroom maintenance. Through our long years of service and experience, we have already serviced small facilities and huge venues (including being the sole supplier of washroom services to the 2000 Sydney Olympics). Through those years we have serviced the following markets and sectors:

  • Hospitality (hygiene standards here should be highest)
  • Retail and shopping (the washroom experience could ruin their shopping experience)
  • Entertainment
  • Council
  • Education (for everyone’s health and safety especially children)
  • Hospitals and aged care (highest level of hygiene should be maintained)
  • Government (including libraries and parks)
  • Commercial (a clean washroom says a lot about how you do business)

Hygiene services Ashfield

We provide a full service package that can be tailored according to the changing requirements of our clients and property asset managers. Our products and services include the following:

  • Hand hygiene (soap dispenser including no-touch units)
  • Female hygiene (including no-touch feminine hygiene units)
  • Male hygiene (e.g. eliminate odour caused by uric acid build-up)
  • Airfresh & toilet seat sanitiser
  • Parents room hygiene
  • Medical hygiene (e.g. sharps disposal, contaminated waste unit)

Aside from our long history, excellent service and responsiveness, our team is also known for our commitment to environmental sustainability. We use products that are CFC-free and with minimal or zero environmental impact. We also recycle wherever possible and practical as well as practice advanced recycling processes (we recover organic and other useful materials for mulches and biofuels).

Contact us today here at Enviro LCS and let’s talk about your requirements. If you share the same commitment with us when it comes to washroom hygiene and environmental sustainability, we’ll be glad to hear from you.