Being mainly a residential suburb and being eclipsed by the Bondi Beach, Bondi Junction and minutes-away Sydney CBD, Bondi seems quiet in the news and many residents prefer it that way. There’s not much excitement here because the activities are just minutes away from this suburb.

Good thing is that shops (especially on Bondi Road) and other businesses here are committed to delivering the best possible products and services to the Bondi residents. Most of the time the locals don’t need to go far because the essentials are already here. However, expectations and standards are getting higher and Bondi businesses are not exempted from that.

Washroom services Bondi

It’s especially the case with washrooms because they can quickly disappoint or repel customers. Although these areas are often only used for less than a minute up to a few minutes, they tell a lot about the business in terms of cleanliness and commitment to excellence. It’s especially the case with washrooms that tell a lot about businesses’ commitment to hygiene and cleanliness.

Here at Enviro~LCS Health and Hygiene Services Pty. Ltd we specialise in washroom services. Our dedicated professionals ensure that our clients’ washrooms look and smell excellent. Since 1990, we have serviced the following industries:

  • Suburban Councils
  • CBD & High Rise Buildings
  • Hotel Industry
  • Shopping Centres & Retail
  • Clubs & Community Services
  • Educational Institutions
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Medical & Health Industries

Whether it’s for a small shop or cafe or a large event venue, we have the capabilities to ensure washrooms are in excellent conditions. We can even customise the maintenance packages to meet the clients’ requirements.

Hygiene services Bondi

Australians are serious about hygiene standards as they spend more and more on cleanliness of their homes. They expect the same or even way higher standards with the businesses they patronise. That’s why as an Australian-owned & award-winning company, we specialise in providing, hire and sale of hygiene services and washroom products for:

  • Female hygiene
  • Male hygiene
  • Parents room hygiene
  • Medical hygiene
  • Airfresh and toilet seat sanitisers
  • Hand hygiene

We even have automated and no-touch units and with more than 150 options and products, you can choose or design something that perfectly suits your premise’ washroom. We take the time to listen to our clients and consider the design and branding of the companies we work with.

Contact us here at Enviro~LCS. Aside from having elegant and modern hygiene units for washrooms, our solutions are also environment-friendly. We apply responsible practices every step of the way as do our clients in Bondi and the surrounds.