One way to help prevent outbreaks and protect the building occupants’ health is through a tailored washroom service. Through better hygiene and clean and fresh-smelling washrooms, outbreaks become less likely and that the building’s reputation is also protected.

Washroom services Brighton-Le-Sands

Here at Enviro LCS, we create tailored packages and washroom maintenance service plans for property asset managers who prioritise hygiene and high standards. Since 1990, we’ve serviced huge entertainment and sports venues (including for the Sydney 2000 Olympics), hospitality businesses, healthcare facilities, highrise apartments and commercial, educational and government premises.

Property asset managers may start with our COVID-19 Product Range with all the essential products for outbreak prevention. Further, the tailored package and maintenance service plan may include many of the following products and programs:

Protection against coronaviruses and other microbes (alcohol-based sanitisers including automatic units, contactless sanitary units with infrared sensors)

  • Surface wipes for quick disinfection of high-contact surfaces
  • Soap units (manual and automatic units available)
  • Hand dryers (efficient and energy saving)
  • Paper towel dispensers (available in white, chrome and black)
  • Urinal hygiene treatment program (remove uric acid build-up)
  • Hygiene treatment program (antibacterial, descaling and sanitising of toilets)
  • Toilet and urinal sanitisers
  • Toilet seat spray sanitisers (users can make sure the toilet seats are truly clean)
  • Nappy waste disposal services (with large flap opening for convenience and minimising unsanitary contact)
  • Baby changing stations (wall-mounted and with adjustable belt for stability and security)
  • Air fresh units (consistent natural fragrance all day long)
  • Scenting program (pleasant scent and aromatherapy that reinforces image of health and safety)
  • Sharps disposal and contaminated/medical waste (according to occupational health and safety standards)
  • Vending machines for tampons and sanitary pads
  • Floor/welcome mats (can be customised for your brand and preferred aesthetics)
  • Automatic insect sprays
  • UV lights (helps get rid of bugs especially in garbage rooms)
  • Air treatment and odour control system (prevent nasty odours from building up in the first place)

With this tailored approach, washrooms always stay clean and smelling fresh. Also, building occupants and other users get to regularly wash and sanitise their hands because of the regularly filled soap dispensers (this is one of the top things to do in preventing disease spread).

Hygiene services Brighton-Le-Sands

Aside from our tailored washroom packages and service maintenance plans, many property asset managers in southern Sydney and CBD often choose us because of our 30+ years of history and environment-friendly practices (e.g. we recycle whenever practical and possible, we avoid using harsh chemicals, we use solar energy to power our office).

If your values and priorities align with ours (sustainability, high standards in hygiene), contact us today here at Enviro LCS. We will start with an assessment of your washrooms and listen closely to your branding requirements (e.g. the appearance of the soap units, welcome mats, vending machines and others should be consistent with the brand of the building or business).

We can always promptly service the buildings at or near Reading Rd, Yarren Ave, Aero St, Lady Robinsons Beach, Teralba Rd and O’Neill St. With our tailored package designed according to the requirements of your washrooms and building, together we can help prevent outbreaks and protect building occupants from diseases.