The Cabra is known for its Vietnamese, Chinese, Cambodian and Thai cuisines as reflected by its population profile. And with the Freedom Plaza and the Pai Lau the suburb reinforces its strong identity about multiculturalism and variety. Because of population growth (e.g. due to natural causes and immigration) plus economic activity, it’s getting crowded and chaotic here which are common in urban centres. Thankfully there’s the Cabravale Park, Panorama Street Reserve and other parks for a little bit of recreation and relaxation.

Washroom services Cabramatta

Expect Cabramatta to be busier and more crowded in the coming years and decades. Also expect a more frequent use of commercial and public facilities including the washrooms. And yes, customer expectations are getting higher when it comes to cleanliness.

Here at Enviro LCS we’ve been specialising in washroom products and hygiene services since 1990. This has been our focus for 30 years so rest assured everything will be in order and your customers won’t get disappointed. For you we can create a tailored package of products and services to suit your facility’s requirements.

Through those productive years we’ve already serviced the following facilities and markets:

  • Entertainment (we became the sole supplier of washroom services to the 2000 Sydney Olympics)
  • Commercial (what your washroom looks and smells like reflect your brand)
  • Retail (the customers’ shopping experience extends to how they use the washroom)
  • Government and Council (for employees’ health and productivity as well as for the public when they use the library, pool or park)
  • Hospitals and aged care (a clean washroom is also important in controlling outbreaks)
  • Educational institutions (children should have access to clean and safe washrooms)

Hygiene services Cabramatta

Clients choose us because of our long history and commitment to environmental sustainability. We always use the most environment-friendly products and solutions as well as recycle whenever practical and possible.

Clients also choose us because we provide a complete and tailored package which includes the following:

  • Hand hygiene (for washing, sanitising and drying hands)
  • Female hygiene (including no-touch feminine hygiene units)
  • Tampon and sanitary pad vending machines
  • Male hygiene (removal of uric acid build-up that causes nasty odours)
  • Airfresh & toilet seat sanitiser (automatic air freshener units also available)
  • Parents room hygiene (for convenient and hygienic nappy change and disposal)
  • Medical hygiene (safe disposal of sharps and contaminated waste)
  • Odour control and premium scenting
  • Toilet and urinal services (including deep cleaning and total sanitation and deodorising)

Contact us here today at Enviro LCS and let’s talk about your requirements including your washroom’s size, layout and usage pattern. We will then come up with a tailored and cost-effective plan for you.