If the washroom in the asset you manage is dirty or smells nasty, it tells a lot about your establishment. Whether it’s about a shop, restaurant, cafe, hotel, B&B, office, school or public facility, how the washroom looks and smells can affect your reputation.

Washroom services Camden

Here at Enviro LCS we can help make sure your washrooms will always smell fresh and look clean all day long. Whether your asset or business is near the Australian Botanic Garden, Camden Fresh Produce Market, University of Sydney’s research facilities, Camden Park House and Garden or Macquarie Grove, we can create a tailored package that works best for your washroom and establishment (as well as the washroom’s usage patterns).

Clients from the Council as well as both small and multinational firms choose us because:

  • We’re flexible about our products and packages as our clients’ requirements change
  • We ensure environment-friendly practices from the choice of products down to the disposal of waste (we recycle whenever possible and practical)
  • Service on time every time (with complete reports for each service)
  • We’ve been in this serious business since 1990
  • We have experience servicing different markets including hospitality, retail, entertainment, education, hospitals and aged care

Hygiene services Camden

We can design a tailored package for you which may include the following according to your requirements:

  • Sanitary units (automatic lid opening units available so no touch and more sanitary)
  • Nappy waste disposal units (made of impact-resistant plastic)
  • Nappy change tables (baby is safe and secure)
  • Air fresh units (ensure natural fragrance all day long)
  • Manual and automatic soap dispensers
  • Hand sanitisers (alcohol-based)
  • Hand dryers (energy saving and environment friendly)
  • Paper towel dispensers (interleaf and roll dispensers available)
  • Urinal hygiene treatment program (make the washroom smell fresh by removing uric acid build-up)
  • Antibacterial, descaling and sanitising for toilets
  • Toilet and urinal sanitisers
  • Toilet seat spray sanitisers (quick drying and germ-killing)
  • Surface wipes so your employees can quickly disinfect desks, chairs and other surfaces
  • Sharps disposal and contaminated/medical waste (plastic and metal containers available)
  • Vending machines for tampons and sanitary pads
  • Highly absorbent floor/welcome mats
  • Insect spray (for better insect control)
  • UV blue lights (helps get rid of bugs especially in garbage rooms of restaurants, hotels and shopping centres)
  • Air treatment and odour control system (area stays fresh even during washroom peak use)

Contact us today and we’ll first study your requirements. We will give you a free quote along with the tailored package. Here at Enviro LCS you can be sure that the washroom will be clean, safe and smelling fresh and that it will please the customers, employees and guests.