Coogee is said to be derived from an Aboriginal word meaning “smelly place.” Perhaps it was because of the seaweed and kelp being washed up on the beach.

Today it’s hard to associate Coogee with “smelly place” because the area is now full of local and tourist activity. Being a beachside suburb plus having the Sydney CBD close by, economic activity is guaranteed here. Aside from its strategic location, Coogee has become an ideal destination because of the electric tram built in 1902 as well as the succeeding transport lines and roads. From then on it has given way to more movement and activity especially if we’re talking about The Island Challenge, The Coogee Arts Festival, Putu Mayam Day and other celebrations.

Washroom services Coogee

With a high level of economic activity and plenty of celebrations, all the commercial and public facilities are sure to be used frequently. It’s especially the case with washrooms where people come and go. It’s crucial that these areas look and smell fresh for everyone.

Since 1990 that’s been our specialisation here at Enviro LCS. We specialise in providing washroom services and hygiene products for the following markets:

  • Hospitality (hygiene standards here should be highest)
  • Retail and shopping (the washroom experience could ruin their shopping experience)
  • Entertainment
  • Council
  • Education (for everyone’s health and safety especially children)
  • Hospitals and aged care (highest level of hygiene should be maintained)
  • Government (including libraries and parks)
  • Commercial (a clean washroom says a lot about how you do business)

Business owners and property asset managers know the importance of a clean and presentable washroom. It reflects their organisations’ values and how they do business. Also, customers have high expectations about the state of the washroom and the entire premise.

Hygiene services Coogee

Many clients in Coogee and the surrounds choose us because of our long history and commitment to sustainability. We’ve become known to apply environmentally sound practices when it comes to the following:

  • Hand hygiene (soap dispenser including no-touch units)
  • Hand drying
  • Female hygiene (including no-touch feminine hygiene units)
  • Male hygiene (e.g. eliminate odour caused by uric acid build-up)
  • Airfresh & toilet seat sanitiser
  • Toilet and urinal services
  • Washroom pest control
  • Premium scenting
  • Parents room hygiene
  • Absorbent welcome mats
  • Medical hygiene (e.g. sharps disposal, contaminated waste unit)

Contact us here today at Enviro LCS. We have the capabilities to service both small premises and huge facilities (including highrises and major entertainment venues) and ensure washrooms that look and smell fresh and clean.