Building managers all over Sydney count on us here at Enviro LCS when it comes to washroom maintenance and packages. Since 1990 property asset managers choose us to do the job. We tailor the maintenance plan and package according to the customer’s specific requirements as well as ensure an environment-friendly operation.

Washroom services Five Dock

If the property asset you manage is near the Great North Rd, Lyons Rd and Queens Rd, we can always promptly service your washrooms. We can also discuss creating a tailored package that includes the following:

  • Sanitary units (no-touch units to avoid unnecessary contact)
  • Freestanding antibacterial hand sanitiser (automatic units available)
  • Liquid hand sanitisers
  • Surface wipes
  • Soap units (manual and automatic sensor available)
  • Hand dryers (energy saver)
  • Paper towel dispensers (available in white, chrome and black)
  • Urinal hygiene treatment program (remove uric acid build-up)
  • Hygiene treatment program (antibacterial, descaling and sanitising for toilets)
  • Toilet and urinal sanitisers (make these smelling fresh and nice)
  • Toilet seat spray sanitisers (germ-killing, quick drying)
  • Nappy waste disposal services (with large flap opening and on-site service to regularly empty the bin)
  • Baby changing stations (wall mounted and with an adjustable belt for better security and stability)
  • Air fresh units (consistent ambient fragrance guaranteed)
  • Scenting program (commercial scenting with pleasant aromatherapy to enhance your brand)
  • Sharps disposal and contaminated/medical waste (including pickup and disposal according to occupational health and safety standards)
  • Vending machines for tampons and sanitary pads
  • Floor/welcome mats (can be customised with a logo)
  • Insect spray (automatic units for better insect control)
  • UV lights (helps get rid of bugs and control their numbers especially in garbage rooms)
  • Air treatment and odour control system (high-traffic washrooms stay fresh)

It’s a full service and complete package that can be further tailored and modified according to your changing requirements (and as washroom usage patterns change).

Hygiene services Five Dock

Whether it’s near the foreshore, Timbrell Park, Parramatta Rd, Garfield St, War Memorial or Halliday Park, we can always do a prompt service and ensure that dispensers are always refilled and that waste bins are regularly emptied. We apply responsible practices in waste disposal (recycle whenever practical and possible) as well as use products with minimal environmental impact.

Through the years since 1990 we’ve created packages and serviced washrooms in commercial, industrial, Council, educational, entertainment and sports facilities. We also have a presence in several healthcare facilities because of our high standards and long history.

Contact us today here at Enviro LCS if you want to maintain good hygiene in your washrooms as well as protect your establishment’s reputation.