For the Sydney’s southern suburbs indeed Hurstville is the centre of it all. It’s like having another Sydney CBD but the focus is servicing the southern suburbs and providing amenities and exciting opportunities to the surrounds.

We can immediately feel the energy and activity in the Westfield Hurstville, Hurstville Central and the main street Forest Road. The high level of activity and movement is facilitated by the Sydney Trains network and being a major bus interchange. Hurstville is like the heart that enables blood circulation (and the flow and distribution of oxygen and nutrients) in the southern suburbs and surrounds.

Washroom services Hurstville

However, things can get dirty and messy if there are clogs that get in the way of the flow. Waste and odour can build up and most often the clogs lead to disease. This is especially the case with washrooms that are heavily used in public and commercial facilities. The sani bin can get full quickly and nasty odours can build up easily. Literally the organisation’s image and reputation are on the line depending on the state of its washroom.

Here at Enviro LCS we specialise in making washrooms excellently clean and smelling fresh. With our personalised packages of products and services, your washroom will best reflect your organisation’s integrity. Our washroom hygiene products and services include the following:

  • Hand hygiene (for washing, sanitising and drying hands)
  • Female hygiene (including no-touch feminine hygiene units)
  • Male hygiene (remove uric acid build-up that causes nasty odours)
  • Airfresh & toilet seat sanitiser (automatic air freshener units also available)
  • Parents room hygiene (for convenient nappy change and disposal)
  • Medical hygiene (safe disposal of sharps and contaminated waste)

Hygiene services Hurstville

Hurstville is a healthy commercial ecosystem with interdependent businesses. Sectors and industries include retail shops, financial institutions, museums and entertainment centres. However, crucial to their integrity is the state of their washrooms. A single negative social media review can do a lot of damage.

Don’t let that happen. Our team can thoroughly study your requirements and usage patterns in your washroom. Then, we can create a maintenance plan that will make sure your washroom speaks of cleanliness and integrity. Aside from cleanliness, sani bins and dispensers will be regularly looked on to avoid odour build up and better encourage excellent hygiene.

Contact us here at Enviro LCS and let’s discuss your requirements. We can start with a consultation so that we can better understand your organisation’s needs. Washroom hygiene has been our specialisation for 25+ years and we’ve been doing business in an environment-friendly and responsible way.