Inadequate washroom hygiene poses a significant threat to your standing as a property asset manager, potentially causing damage not only to your reputation but also resulting in financial setbacks, increased employee illnesses and absenteeism, as well as diminished staff morale in businesses.

Tailored washroom services in Macquarie Fields

To safeguard against these detrimental consequences, it is imperative to uphold impeccable washroom hygiene standards. At Enviro LCS, we are fully equipped to assist you in achieving and maintaining such standards. With over three decades of experience, we have been assisting managers responsible for a diverse range of facilities, including commercial, government, educational, entertainment and healthcare establishments, in maintaining their washrooms at the pinnacle of hygiene excellence.

Our dedicated team accomplishes this by crafting tailored service packages that are meticulously aligned with the specific usage patterns of your washrooms and the unique requirements of your management team. Within our comprehensive package, we provide an array of essential products aimed at safeguarding the health and well-being of your occupants:

  • Cutting-edge protection against coronaviruses and other microorganisms through alcohol-based sanitisers, including automatic units and contactless sanitary units featuring advanced infrared sensor technology.
  • Surface wipes designed for swift disinfection of high-contact areas.
  • A diverse selection of soap units, offering both manual and automatic dispensing options.
  • Energy-efficient hand dryers for sustainable and cost-effective operation.
  • Paper towel dispensers available in elegant white, sleek chrome and stylish black finishes.
  • A specialised urinal hygiene treatment program aimed at eliminating stubborn uric acid build-up.
  • A comprehensive hygiene treatment program encompassing antibacterial, descaling and sanitising treatments for toilets.
  • Toilet and urinal sanitisers for enhanced cleanliness and safety.
  • Toilet seat spray sanitisers, allowing users to ensure the utmost cleanliness of toilet seats.
  • Nappy waste disposal services featuring convenient large flap openings to minimise unsanitary contact.
  • Wall-mounted baby changing stations equipped with adjustable belts for stability and security.
  • Air fresh units, ensuring a consistently pleasant natural fragrance throughout the day.
  • A scenting program offering delightful scents and aromatherapy to reinforce the image of health and safety.
  • Sharps disposal and management of contaminated/medical waste, conducted in strict accordance with occupational health and safety standards.
  • Vending machines stocked with tampons and sanitary pads for added convenience.
  • Customisable floor and welcome mats, tailored to your brand aesthetics.
  • Automatic insect sprays for effective pest control.
  • UV lights, adept at eradicating bugs, particularly in garbage rooms.
  • An advanced air treatment and odour control system, proactively preventing the accumulation of unpleasant odours.

Whether you carry out your property management duties at or somewhere near Macarthur Adventist College, Glenquarie Town Centre, Saywell Rd or Eucalyptus Dr, our team can initiate a thorough assessment of your washroom facilities. This assessment will allow us to tailor our service package precisely to your unique requirements.

Hygiene services in Macquarie Fields

In addition to our extensive 30+ years of history and experience, many property asset managers favour us for our environmentally conscious approach. We implement responsible practices, such as high-pressure washing, instead of relying on harsh chemicals. Furthermore, we actively participate in recycling whenever it is practical and feasible.

If sustainability and hygiene are high on your priority list, contact Enviro LCS today. We are eager to initiate the assessment process to gain a deeper understanding of your unique requirements and tailor our services accordingly. Your commitment to sustainability and hygiene aligns seamlessly with our mission and we look forward to partnering with you.