Manly as a popular tourist destination has a vibrant restaurant, tourism and hospitality industry. This has been made possible by the attractive long stretch of sand from Queenscliff through North Steyne to South Steyne. The Corso, Fairy Bower, Shelly Beach and the Norfolk Island pine trees also add to Manly’s attractiveness as a tourist destination.

As a result, businesses and investments are flocking to Manly. Economic prospects are good and businesses are sprouting and staying competitive. This benefits both the locals and tourists as they get excellent services from restaurants, retail stores, cafes and hotels.

Washroom services Manly

But for customers to support those businesses, it’s important for the owners and staff to pay attention to every detail. Words spread fast and they can even make or break a company’s reputation. Customers can easily take a picture of the place and leave a negative review if the place is far from clean or just way below the tourists’ expectations.

It’s especially the case with washrooms because tourists especially pay attention to those areas. A dirty and disorderly washroom tells a lot about the company’s commitment to excellence and cleanliness. Even if the storefront, bedrooms, tables or hallways are attractive and spotless, all the efforts will go to waste if the washroom is neglected.

Because of the importance of the washroom’s cleanliness, more and more businesses now look for a dedicated washroom service. It’s what we specialise here in Enviro~LCS Health and Hygiene Services Pty. Ltd. We’ve been doing this since 1990 with our full maintenance packages and modern products. We have products for:

  • Female hygiene
  • Male hygiene
  • Parents room hygiene
  • Medical hygiene
  • Airfresh and toilet seat sanitisers
  • Hand hygiene

Hygiene services Manly

Enviro~LCS Health and Hygiene Services Pty. Ltd. became the sole supplier of washroom services for the Sydney 2000 Olympics. This shows our capability to handle large venues and business requirements. In addition, we also regularly cater to small businesses because we understand that everyone values high hygiene standards. Since 1990, we have serviced the following sectors and industries:

  • Suburban Councils
  • CBD & High Rise Buildings
  • Hotel Industry
  • Shopping Centres & Retail
  • Clubs & Community Services
  • Educational Institutions
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Medical & Health Industries

Contact us today about your enquiries and requirements. Here at Enviro~LCS we have more than 150 products, services and options (plus tailored packages) that will suit the requirements of your business or institution.