Known for its diversity and vibrance, Marrickville is home to more than 27,000 people who enjoy the energy here perhaps because of the Marrickville Festival and Australia Day celebrations. Opportunities are also plenty and consistent here because of the commercial and light industrial areas.

Supermarkets, speciality shops, clothing stores, cafes plus import/export, automotive repair, building supplies and other industrial facilities are here. Combine this commercial and industrial activity with the celebrations and people and what you get is a place full of energy and activity.

Washroom services Marrickville

This level of economic and human activity then results to the heavy use of various facilities including the washrooms. These can get dirty easily even after just 30 minutes of cleaning. It only takes one person to make a mess and poor hygiene is multiplied by the number of users. Public and commercial washrooms can even facilitate disease and infection, which is why stakeholders and managers pay attention to the cleanliness and image of the washroom.

Here at Enviro LCS, we specialise in washroom hygiene services and products. This has been our focus since 1990 and for our 25+ years of history, we have serviced tens of thousands of washrooms for small businesses, multinational corporations and huge venues (including the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games).

For suburban councils, CBD and high rise buildings, hotel industry, retail and shopping centres, clubs and community services, educational institutions, entertainment venues and medical and health industries, we’ve always been the top choice in both services and products:

  • Hand hygiene (soap dispenser including no-touch units)
  • Female hygiene (including no-touch feminine hygiene units)
  • Male hygiene (e.g. eliminate odour caused by uric acid build-up)
  • Airfresh & toilet seat sanitiser
  • Parents room hygiene
  • Medical hygiene (e.g. sharps disposal, contaminated waste unit)

Hygiene services Marrickville

Washrooms come in varying sizes, designs and usage patterns and densities which is why we customise our offers and services depending on clients’ requirements. We understand that sani bin can quickly get full and odour build-up is a constant issue. As a result, we continue to be proactive regarding our clients’ requests and requirements. Aside from excellent range of products and services, this client-centred approach has also helped us withstand the years and continue to service thousands of washrooms each year.

Don’t let a dirty washroom ruin your organisation’s image and reputation. Let Enviro LCS do the work and we will be your ally in ensuring your washroom looks and smells fresh. Contact us today for a consultation and we’ll listen closely to your requirements.