Being near the Sydney central business district is one huge factor to how Mascot has become home to many commercial and industrial facilities. Add to that the excellent transport infrastructure which supports the Sydney Airport (bus routes, Mascot, International and Domestic railway stations) and the businesses as well because of roads and logistics capabilities.

Because of this density of commercial activities and opportunities (plus the 14,000+ residents and millions of passengers being serviced by the Sydney Airport each year), facilities are getting used often while standards are also getting higher when it comes to quality and hygiene.

Washroom services Mascot

It’s especially the case with washroom hygiene. After all, poor washroom hygiene results to damage to reputation and brand, dissatisfied customers, negative social media reviews, employee absenteeism (due to the spread of microbes and diseases) and loss of income. This affects both public and commercial sectors (e.g. hospitality, retail, entertainment) and can even be a cause of alarm and health concern.

Here at Enviro LCS we specialise in washroom hygiene services and products. This has been our focus since 1990 and through those years we have serviced tens of thousands of washrooms in retail, hospitality, council, education, entertainment, health and commercial offices. Our washroom hygiene products cover:

  • Hand hygiene
  • Female hygiene
  • Male hygiene
  • Airfresh & toilet seat sanitiser
  • Parents room hygiene
  • Medical hygiene

Hygiene services Mascot

Your washroom says a lot about your business or organisation. You might be remembered for the wrong reasons if the washroom was neglected whether the toilet stinks, there is no soap left or no one has emptied the sani bin for ages. It’s a small detail but you can count on it customers will forever remember that kind of washroom.

With our hygiene products and customised services, we can make sure your washroom is clean and impressive. We can personalise the service according to your requirements, especially if there’s heavy and frequent use of your washrooms. We can start with a consultation where we can study your requirements and usage pattern of your washrooms and then provide you with a quotation. During the service, we create complete documentation so you can review the services performed and the schedule of future tasks and maintenance. Here at Enviro LCS, we always adhere to the highest standards as our clients do.