With the Westfield Miranda plus the Lederer Shopping Centre Miranda, indeed the place feels busy and full of movement. After all, when shops exist expect cafes, restaurants and health and beauty services to be around. A commercial area always aims to be a one-stop shop for everything so customers won’t look anywhere else (and hence their wallets go empty on one place).

More than 15,000 people live here and they frequent those commercial areas. Moreover, people from Sutherland Shire and even from Wollongong visit our shopping centres. This results in heavy use of commercial and public washrooms. These places can then get dirty quickly and nasty odours can build up easily if neglected.

Washroom services Miranda

Your washroom can say a lot about how you do business. It’s especially the case in retail, hospitality, healthcare, government and leisure facilities. When people see that the washroom is dirty or has a nasty smell, they might then question the integrity of the entire place.

Don’t let that happen. Here at Enviro LCS we specialise in washroom services. For 25+ years, we have serviced tens of thousands of washrooms in small businesses, government and public facilities and high rise commercial buildings. We have the service capabilities of a large firm as well as the personalised attention as provided by a small business. We are able to service large venues and create a personalised package to small facilities as well.

This personalisation is important because washrooms come in all sizes (i.e. varying dimensions, layout, design, number of toilets and urinals, usage patterns). Once we understand all those factors that affect usage and cleanliness of washrooms, we create a tailored package of services and products that may include the following:

  • Hand hygiene (sleek units for washing, sanitising and drying hands)
  • Female hygiene (no need for plastic bags or bin liners)
  • Male hygiene (eliminate uric acid build-up and get rid of unpleasant odours)
  • Airfresh & toilet seat sanitiser (natural fragrances will fill up the washroom)
  • Parents room hygiene (including nappy disposal units and convenient baby nappy change stations)
  • Medical hygiene (safe disposal of sharps and medical waste)

Hygiene services Miranda

Public and commercial washrooms can spread infections and diseases. For employees this can result to absenteeism and lost productivity. For customers it’s a sign of neglect. There are several other businesses where they can spend their money on. Clearly, a dirty and bad-smelling washroom has huge financial consequences down the road.

Contact us here at Enviro LCS if you want to make sure your washroom looks clean and smells fresh. We can start with a consultation so we can better understand your requirements. Then, together we can create a tailored maintenance plan and package so that your washroom will reflect your organisation’s integrity and commitment.