As a major business and commercial centre, Parramatta is a place activity for its more than 25,000 people and perhaps millions of people visiting the suburb each year. Plenty of restaurants and shops on Church Street and heavy reliance on public transport, Parramatta is about movement and activity.

When it comes to activity, Parramatta is never complete without huge celebrations including the Sydney Festival, Australia Day, Anzac Day, Winterlight and Burramatta Day, Parramasala and Parramatta Lanes, Loy Krathong, Christmas in Parramatta and Foundation Day. With these celebrations and commercial activities, expect facilities (including the washrooms) to be used heavily and often.

Washroom services Parramatta

It’s especially the case with washrooms where sani bins can get full and unsightly and nasty odours can build up. Whether it’s a public or a commercial washroom, it’s a serious issue to be addressed and prevented for the health and safety of users as well as the reputation and image of the organisation.

Here at Enviro LCS, we specialise in washroom hygiene services and products. Since 1990 this has been our focus as we ensure cleanliness and fresh odours in commercial and public washrooms as well as minimising environmental impact when cleaning and disposing of the waste. More than 25,000 washrooms are under management and they are from these sectors and industries:

  • Suburban Councils
  • Hotel Industry
  • Commercial offices
  • Shopping Centres & Retail
  • Clubs & Community Services
  • Educational Institutions
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Medical & Health Industries

Hygiene services Parramatta

We customise our services according to the clients’ requirements. Washrooms come in all sizes (i.e. dimensions, layout, number of urinals and toilets) and each washroom has a unique pattern usage (e.g. washrooms in retail encounter heavy and regular use). It’s important to keep the washrooms clean and smelling fresh as well as allow users to feel clean about themselves. This is possible with our excellent range of products including:

  • Hand hygiene
  • Female hygiene (including no-touch feminine hygiene units, no need for plastic bags or bin liners)
  • Male hygiene (including deep clean to get rid of odour caused by uric acid build-up)
  • Airfresh & toilet seat sanitiser (dispense natural fragrances to freshen the washroom)
  • Parents room hygiene (including nappy disposal units and baby nappy change stations)
  • Medical hygiene (safe disposal of sharps and medical waste)

We are capable of servicing small businesses, multinational corporations, highrise buildings and huge event venues (including the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games). And with our environmentally-friendly approach to cleaning and waste disposal, we’ve become the top choice when it comes to professional washroom service.

Contact us here today at Enviro LCS for a consultation. We will listen closely to your requirements and we’ll deliver the service exactly as what the contract says. With our attention to detail and responsiveness, your washroom will surely help maintain or improve your organisation’s image.