Since 1990, Enviro LCS has specialised in delivering tailored hygiene solutions that safeguard brand reputation and promote healthy environments across Sydney. As a property asset manager, you understand the vital link between pristine washrooms and positive tenant and customer experiences. We’re committed to helping you achieve exceptional hygiene standards while protecting your assets and upholding your commitment to sustainability.

Tailored Washroom Services for Your Specific Requirements

Our comprehensive hygiene packages can include:

Hygiene Essentials: Manual and automatic soap dispensers, alcohol-based sanitizers and energy-saving hand dryers for thorough hand hygiene.

Surface Protection: Surface wipes for quick and effective disinfection of desks, chairs and high-touch areas, ensuring peace of mind for occupants.

Feminine Hygiene: Sanitary units (including no-touch options), nappy waste disposal and well-stocked vending machines for discreet and hygienic disposal and convenience.

Air Quality: Air fresheners for continuous freshness and advanced air treatment systems to neutralise odours, even during peak use, promoting a pleasant environment.

Urinary Hygiene: Urinal treatment programs for uric acid removal, plus antibacterial cleaners and sanitizers, addressing a common source of washroom complaints.

Additional Amenities: Toilet seat sanitizers, sharps disposal, highly absorbent floor mats for enhanced safety and insect control measures (spray and UV lights) for comprehensive protection.

Maintaining Your Reputation & Protecting Your Assets

We understand the unique needs of property asset managers. Our tailored maintenance plans consider usage patterns, traffic volumes, building design and your specific requirements. This proactive approach:

Safeguards Your Brand: Creates positive washroom experiences that enhance your property’s image and foster tenant loyalty.

Enhances Building Value: Prevents costly damage caused by poor hygiene, maintaining the long-term appeal and financial value of your assets.

Supports a Healthy Environment: Promotes well-being and reduces absenteeism, contributing to higher tenant satisfaction and employee productivity.

Minimises Risk: Reduces the likelihood of negative reviews, complaints and lost revenue due to hygiene-related issues.

Demonstrates Sustainability: Allows you to highlight your commitment to responsible practices with our environment-friendly solutions.

Environment-friendly Hygiene Solutions

Enviro LCS is dedicated to providing sustainable hygiene services that minimise environmental impact. Our solutions are carefully selected for effectiveness and minimal ecological footprint. We are proud to serve the following sectors with our commitment to hygiene and sustainability:

  • Commercial and Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare and Aged Care
  • Education
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Council Facilities

Preserve Your Brand & Promote Sustainability with Enviro LCS

Don’t let hygiene issues threaten your property’s reputation or compromise your sustainability goals. Contact Enviro LCS today for a personalised consultation and experience the difference our solutions can make.

As your trusted partner, we proudly service commercial and other premises at or near Carbasse Cres, Crommelin Cres, Warrung Road Reserve, Woodland Road Public School, Potoroo Ave and in the entire City of Campbelltown. Let us help maintain your property’s hygiene standards while upholding your commitment to a healthy environment.