The Golden Mile and Strathfield Plaza only show us a glimpse of what Strathfield is really like. After all, more than 25,000 people live here and they’re coming from Chinese, Indian, Korean and other cultural backgrounds. Also, Strathfield’s residential landscape has a high level of variety including high-rise apartments, country-style estates and multi-million dollar mansions.

As with most other suburbs and modern communities, it’s getting crowded here and facilities are getting used more often whether it’s a government building, a hotel, a shopping centre or an educational institution. It’s crucial to make sure that washrooms are kept clean for the users’ health and safety.

Washroom services Strathfield

Thousands of people live here and other people from surrounding suburbs also come here often. The result is that washrooms get used more frequently and the dirt and nasty smell can rapidly pile up. It’s important that the hygiene products are reliable and the entire washroom looks and smells fresh for everyone.

Since 1990 here at Enviro LCS we’ve been specialising in washroom products and services which include the following:

  • Hand hygiene (sleek units for washing, sanitising and drying hands)
  • Female hygiene (no need for plastic bags or bin liners)
  • Male hygiene (eliminate uric acid build-up and get rid of unpleasant odours)
  • Airfresh & toilet seat sanitiser (natural fragrances will fill up the washroom)
  • Parents room hygiene (including nappy disposal units and convenient baby nappy change stations)
  • Medical hygiene (safe disposal of sharps and medical waste)
  • Nappy services
  • Odour control and hand drying
  • Toilet and urinal services
  • Highly sanitary and absorbent floor mats
  • Washroom pest control including automatic insect sprays and UV lights

Hygiene services Strathfield

Customers and other users are fast to notice if a washroom is dirty or smells bad. They will surely get disappointed at that kind of washroom even if the business or organisation is providing an excellent service.

Here at Enviro LCS together we can create a tailored washroom package and maintenance plan for your facility. Through the years we have already serviced the following markets and premises:

  • Hospitality industry
  • Retail (the washroom experience should not ruin their shopping experience)
  • Entertainment (we became the sole supplier of washroom services to the 2000 Sydney Olympics)
  • Education
  • Hospitals and aged care
  • Government and workplaces (good washroom hygiene is crucial for productivity)
  • Council (including parks, pools and libraries)
  • Commercial (protect your brand by maintaining a clean washroom that smells fresh)

Aside from our long history, Strathfield clients also choose us because of our environmentally sound practices. We use the most environment-friendly solutions and recycle whenever practical and possible.

Contact us here at Enviro LCS and let’s talk about your requirements. We’ve been doing this for 30 years so rest assured everything will be in order.