Enviro-LCS specialises in combining premium commercial scenting with the scientific process of aromatherapy through exclusive essential oil fragrances.

 While our scientifically proven concept and process may be comprehensive, our main goal is simply to produce the finest scented outcome for your business.

 “It just makes business sense…”

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  • Scenting Program Service

    Odour Control

    Enviro-LCS offers a scenting program which combines commercial scenting with the scientific process of aromatherapy through 42 exclusive non-allergenic essential oil fragrances that are made from pure plant extracts to enhance psychological and physical well-being. Enviro-LCS does NOT use any synthetic oils. The main goal of...Read More

  • BioZone Air Purification Service

    Odour Control

    BioZone is the most advanced air treatment and odour control system on the market. BioZone reduces odours, viruses, fumes and other impurities in the air and on surfaces and excels in even the most challenging environments, such as highly trafficked areas, where other odour and hygiene...Read More

  • Scenting Program – Air Sanitiser Service

    COVID-19 Outbreak Solutions

    KILL AIRBORNE BACTERIA, PATHOGENS AND FUNGI !!! Mimic the qualities of Hand Sanitiser in the air, our air sanitising option combines essential oils with naturally derived disinfectants to sterilise the air and successfully neutralise the spread of bacteria. Our alcohol and allergen free air sanitiser is...Read More

Showing all 3 results