Enviro-LCS specialist products for washrooms

Unlike many of our competitors we remove the complete unit at each service and replace it with a freshly sanitised unit. We do not use plastic bags or bin liners!

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  • White Automatic Sanitary Service

    COVID-19 Outbreak Solutions

    The 26 litre Enviro-LCS automatic feminine sanitary unit requires just a wave of the hand across an infra-red sensor positioned on top of the bin to activate the opening lid. This ensures all unnecessary physical contact is avoided whilst ensuring total discretion for the visitor. On...Read More

  • Grey Manual Sanitary Service

    Sanitary Services

    The 26 litre Enviro-LCS manual feminine sanitary unit is exclusively designed and moulded in Australia featuring innovative side opening trap which faces the user at toilet seat height which is user friendly and unobtrusive even in the smallest cubicle. The unit is removed from site upon...Read More

Showing all 2 results