Parent’s Room solutions are a vital part of your washroom facilities go the extra mile for parents and carers and they’ll be much more likely to visit you again.

Enviro-LCS provide a range of baby care products such as baby change tables, nappy disposal units, nappy vending machines and Hand/Surface sanitiser. Each of these products will assist in providing a clean, safe and functioning baby care facility in your organisation.

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  • Nappy Services

    Nappy Services

    Nappy waste disposal services have proven to be an efficient, hygienic solution to remove biological waste from premises. The 40 litre Enviro-LCS nappy disposal unit is provided for the convenience of the disposal of nappies, incontinence and absorbent hygiene products. Our nappy units give parents and...Read More

  • Baby Changing Stations

    Nappy Services

    Our compliant baby nappy change table is wall mounted for the convenience of your customers. It comes with an adjustable belt making it safe for the baby. The design of the change table ensures that space is not wasted, with an easy to clean surface. Available...Read More

  • Oxy-gen Air Fresh – Pro Neutraliser Service


    Oxy-gen air fresh available in non-Fragrant Odor Control Cartridges with super concentrate odor eliminators are the ideal choice for any facility that desires odor elimination with Very Low or No fragrance, such as health care facilities, hotels,etc. All Oxygen-Pro Fragrant Odor Control Cartridges contains Neutra-lox, our...Read More

  • Oxy-gen Air Fresh – Viva Service

    White Range

    Oxy-gen air fresh units are unlike the timed spray as the Oxy-gen unit produces consistent and continuous ambient fragrance that improves the customer experience because it is available all the time, any time. Emission-free technology releases pure fragrance oil with odour neutralises. No other continuous fragrance...Read More

  • Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser – Manual or Automatic Service

    COVID-19 Outbreak Solutions

    The Enviro-LCS Antibacterial liquid hand sanitiser is generally used to reduce infectious agents on the hands by killing 99.99% of germs. The alcohol-based liquid ensures optimum hygiene to food prep standard and is preferable to hand washing with soap and water in majority of situations within...Read More

  • Toilet Seat Spray Sanitiser Service

    COVID-19 Outbreak Solutions

    The Enviro-LCS toilet seat sanitising spray uses a specifically formulated ethanol solution which is dispensed onto toilet paper and used to sanitise the seat. The quick drying formula helps reduce cross contamination and provides the end user with peace of mind knowing that 99.99% of common...Read More

  • Antibacterial Surface Wipes Service

    COVID-19 Outbreak Solutions

    Enviro-LCS install, maintain & Service. Our antibacterial cleaning wipes are a quick and convenient way to disinfect surfaces regardless of your industry. From gyms and co-working spaces to supermarkets, universities and shopping centres, our disinfectant cleaning wipes are durable, disposable, pre-moistened and ready to use. These...Read More

Showing all 7 results