Safe and Hygienic Waste Disposal Using Sanitary Disposal Bins and Services from Enviro~LCS

10 / 02 / 2019

Providing Feminine sanitary disposal units in your washroom cubicles is an essential part of making your female employees, and visitors feel relaxed and comfortable when they use your facilities. When you offer a method of disposing of feminine hygiene products that’s safe, hygienic, convenient, and discreet, you assure them that their health and safety matter to you. At Enviro~LCS, we provide your business with feminine hygiene services and sanitary bins to enable you to dispose of sanitary waste in a safe and legally compliant way. Because all washrooms are different, we offer a wide range of products and services to meet a variety of needs.

Sanitary Bin Services

We offer several options for feminine hygiene services, such as our Touch-Free Feminine Hygiene Unit. This fully automatic unit makes cross-contamination and unsightly messes a thing of the past because the user never needs to touch the unit physically. With a wave of her hand in front of the sensor (located right on the lid), the unit opens for easy and hygienic sanitary disposal. We build our products to Australian design and hygiene specifications and provide regular service at the frequency you select. At each service, you’ll receive a thoroughly sterilised unit containing Sanisorb (a natural odour eliminator and waste treatment product). Sanisorb eliminates moisture and odour and complies with OH&S requirements while protecting the environment, unlike many of the harsher chemicals often used in sanitary disposal bins. Each unit also comes with a neutral grey exterior to suit any décor and a complete instruction label.

We also offer a vandal-resistant feminine hygiene unit that’s perfect for parks, beaches, ovals, and public toilets. You can securely chain the device in place, and it’s made of stainless-steel checker plate, making it not only vandal resistant but also fireproof. At Enviro~LCS, we strive to set new industry standards in hygiene services and to provide our customers with the effective and affordable solutions they need.


Nappy Disposal Unit

In addition to our feminine hygiene services, we also offer nappy disposal services. Our Nappy Disposal Unit is an efficient, hygienic way to dispose of biological waste at many different businesses including child care centres, day nurseries, schools, and medical centres. This unit is a 55-litre bin with a deodorising tablet in the lid and a heavy-duty waterproof liner. At each service (choose your frequency), we remove and replace the liner and deodorising tablet, leaving you with a fresh, clean unit that’s ready for use.


About Enviro~LCS

Enviro~LCS is an online store and Australian business offering sanitation services around Sydney and the surrounding suburbs. We provide high-quality  Feminine sanitary disposal unitsnappy disposal, hand sanitiserhand dryers, and other hygiene products and services for a wide range of businesses including suburban councils, CBD and high rise buildings, hotels, shopping centres, clubs, schools, medical facilities, entertainment venues, and more. We focus on environmentally friendly and ethically responsible products and sanitary bin services and make exceptional customer service a priority. Contact Enviro~LCS today for more information about our sanitary disposal solutions.