Taking Hygiene Services Seriously: The Importance of Feminine Hygiene Bins in Sydney

25 / 10 / 2017

Sanitary disposal bins are imperative for any unisex or women’s restroom, and every stall should have this facility. While most people are already aware of this fundamental hygienic fact, many do not know that some feminine hygiene bins have the potential to carry harmful bacteria or, when used incorrectly or not changed with regularity, place others at risk of bloodborne pathogens. Because of this, having the right feminine hygiene services at your Sydney venue is an essential consideration for all businesses. At Enviro~LCS, we provide sanitary touch-free and environmentally-friendly solutions that work well within a wide variety of locations and industries.

The Necessity of Providing Feminine Hygiene Units

Did you know that the average woman will go through over 12,000 disposable feminine care products during her life? All this waste can add up and have a significant environmental impact, and it also means that women rely on having clean and convenient disposal methods when they are in public, whether at work or at to any other venue.

The issue of feminine waste disposal is one that deserves attention even though not usually discussed in ‘polite’ conversation. While it may still be considered a socially-sensitive issue, the fact of the matter remains that women need and deserve safe, convenient feminine hygiene solutions when they use public washrooms. One way that business owners, employers, and others can ensure that they meet their female clients’ needs is to provide the right feminine hygiene services at all Sydney locations, from hospitals to office buildings and everything in between.

Using the correct methods of feminine waste disposal is also important, as improper procedures can result in exposure to blood-borne illnesses and may pollute the environment. No matter what system or bin you choose, you should be sure that you are servicing it regularly and correctly handling the waste. At Enviro~LCS, we work with a variety of industries to help them take the right approach when it comes to feminine hygiene.

Choosing the Right Feminine Hygiene Units for Your Sydney Facility

Enviro~LCS has provided organisations and businesses of all sizes and types the feminine hygiene bins they need. Whether you are a small club organiser providing community services or a hotel manager running a five-star establishment, we can work with you to ensure that you meet the needs of your clientele adequately. When you buy one of our feminine hygiene units for your Sydney location, you will benefit from having selected a sanitary solution that makes disposal easy both for you and your guests. Beyond that, our waste disposal units are also environmentally-friendly, meaning your purchase will also help promote a healthier planet. Many bins are touch-free as well to ensure that they meet the utmost hygienic standards.

No business or location, no matter the industry, should be without a sanitary feminine hygiene solution. Save yourself the headache and risks of having to deal with improperly disposed feminine products and invest in the units that will allow you to manage your washroom waste more efficiently. Browse our site, or contact us today, to select the feminine hygiene bins your Sydney operation needs.