The Healthcare Benefits of a No Touch Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser in Sydney

10 / 10 / 2019

In the healthcare industry – whether at an urgent care facility, doctor’s office, or large hospital – there’s nothing more important than proper sanitisation and adherence to health and wellness regulations. In places where the ill come to get better, there can be no margin for error when it comes to cleanliness and the eradication of harmful germs.

Unlike most places of business, where the focus of hygiene is on the public and private washrooms, proper sanitisation goes farther than that, as surgery prep stations and nurses’ stations need pristine washing facilities for all medical professionals. Because of this, many hospitals have started to add automatic soap dispensers to their washing and prep stations. These no touch dispensers offer increased levels of cleanliness, as they don’t require you to touch them with any part of your body physically.

At Enviro~LCS, we are one of Australia’s leading providers of environmentally friendly washroom and hygiene products. We supply businesses, hospitals, and retail shops with these soap dispensers as well as hand dryers, and sanitiser products. If your hospital needs increased cleanliness and hygiene, consider our automatic soap dispenser available in Sydney.

Decrease Health Risks with Our Auto Soap Dispenser for Your Sydney Hospital


As you know, the purpose of any hospital or healthcare facility is to make and keep people healthy for the long term. It is impossible without proper cleanliness and sanitisation throughout the premises. This includes washrooms, nurses’ stations, and surgery prep areas. When it comes to doctors and nurses keeping themselves clean, a fantastic product is our no touch soap dispenser available in Sydney. For washrooms, the benefits are for every person that walks into the hospital and uses the facilities. Studies have shown that an automatic no touch dispenser in Sydney hospitals increases the times that people wash their hands by almost 50%. Thanks to this increase, both hospital residents and staff are less likely to contract illnesses or germs from others. There’s a decreased chance of cross-infection, as well as an increased level of comfort for anyone in the healthcare facility.

Our auto soap dispenser also aids the environment and cuts down on your hospital’s operating costs. With our hand soap dispensers, your clinic will have to buy less hand soap. Some studies say that your costs for soap will decrease by 30% over the course of a year. Also, because you won’t have to buy soap containers, you’ll help the environment by reducing the disposal of plastic.

The benefits of auto hand dispenser soap for Sydney healthcare facilities are numerous, and at Enviro~LCS urge you to invest in something that will promote health, help the environment, and put more money back into your hospital.


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