The Need for Disposal Services and Sanitary Waste Bins for Your Sydney Business

25 / 10 / 2017

Having a proper feminine hygiene waste solution is a must for any business that deals with the public. Not only is it considerate for any female clientele and staff you may have, but it is also necessary to ensure that the disposal of feminine care products is safe and environmentally-friendly. That’s why sanitary disposal Sydney is a must for any Sydney business or office. If you are looking for the right waste bin and disposal service solution for you, Enviro~LCS can provide the disposal bins and bin services you need to ensure the proper handling of your washroom waste.

Reasons to Use a Professional Sanitary Waste Bins Disposal Service

When discussing the need for sanitary waste bins, it may be helpful first to define what the term ‘sanitary waste’ means. As an umbrella term, sanitary waste refers to either liquid or solid waste coming from humans or human activities. More typically, the term refers to disposable feminine hygiene products. To handle this sort of sanitary waste, we place bins in public restroom stalls to ensure that women who need to safely and discreetly get rid of their used feminine hygiene products can do so in a convenient way that doesn’t pose a public health risk to others. Having the appropriate sanitary bin services at your Sydney business will take care of all these concerns.

In many cases, having a sanitary waste bin available is more than just an issue of providing convenience to your customers or your employees. You may also be legally required to do so depending on where you are and your type of business. In any scenario, having proper sanitary disposal bins available at your Sydney business makes good common sense, and is always appreciated.

How Our Sanitary Disposal Bins for Sydney Keep Your Customers Happier

Enviro~LCS offers sanitary disposal Sydney with a ‘naturally Australian’ and environmentally-friendly approach. We provide businesses across many industries with the sanitary bins they need in the form of high-quality hygiene units specifically designed to accommodate feminine care products and similar waste. Many of our units are also touch-free to prevent the transmission of potentially harmful bacteria, and for your clients’ added peace of mind. When you make use of our sanitary bin services, available across Sydney, you can rest assured that you will be providing your customers with the very best, which will make them feel more at ease and may make them more likely to return in the future.

At Enviro~LCS, we are passionate about providing environmentally conscious waste solutions for a variety of organisations. Some of the many industries we provide service for include suburban councils, CBD & high rise buildings, the hotel industry, and much more. Our versatile systems work well in virtually all settings, including shopping centres and entertainment venues, providing the convenience and safety your customers need. Contact us today with any questions you may have, or browse our selection of sanitary waste bins available for the Sydney area online to get started with your new sanitary waste disposal solution.