Toilet Seat Sprays for Sydney-A Green Approach to Hygiene

27 / 07 / 2018

You might not think toilet seat sanitation is important or necessary, but that’s not the case. One of the most unsanitary areas of a bathroom that exposes individuals to a large percentage of bacteria and infectious microorganisms is the toilet. As a company, you cannot expect your customers to safeguard themselves from such contaminants. It’s in your interests to create an environment that is safe, healthy, and worthwhile for employees and customers. The success of your company depends on it so let Enviro~LCS help.

Enviro~LCS is an Australian based company making sure that company bathrooms are chemical free and environmentally sound since 1990. We provide our services and products to a variety of companies, such as hotels, hospitals, schools, and entertainment centres. We pride ourselves on understanding the needs of our clients, so we can deliver exactly what they need when they want it.

We offer a variety of products, such as air freshener systems, medical waste units, nappy disposal units and toilet seat sprays for Sydney business. Our toilet seat sprays, for instance, are easy to dispense and use, only requiring a quick push to add the ethanol solution to a small piece of toilet paper. With a quick swipe of the toilet seat and a flush down the toilet, you’ll have a clean surface.

You can only win with our products and services, including our toilet seat sprays for Sydney businesses. Contact us today to equip your bathroom with everything it needs to assure your customers that you’re serious about not only the image of your company but the health of your customers. They’ll take notice, making your company stand out from the rest in a positively clean and fresh way.