Why Your Business Needs Feminine Hygiene Units and Where to Find Hygiene Services, Vending Machines, and More

25 / 10 / 2017

From food wrappers to outgrown toys, we tend to throw everything into the trash – where it inevitably ends up in a landfill. Fortunately, people are realising the importance of environmentally friendly disposal solutions, as education and regulations have made individuals and businesses more conscious of where their garbage goes. At Enviro~LCS, we understand that protecting our planet is essential, and that it’s best to keep public washrooms as clean, sanitary, and odour-free as possible. We can help you achieve both objectives with our range of environmentally safe washroom products and hygiene services, including feminine hygiene vending machines and other feminine hygiene units.

The Need for Discretion

The process of disposing of feminine hygiene products must be discreet for the convenience and safety of all the women who use your washrooms whether they are employees or customers. To keep your washrooms smelling fresh, aesthetically attractive, and easy for ladies to use without embarrassment, you need feminine hygiene services such as our Feminine Hygiene Unit, a safe, innovative disposal unit with a side opening trap that face the user at toilet seat height. The unit’s slimline design makes it user-friendly and able to fit comfortably into even tiny cubicles.

We also offer touch-free feminine hygiene units that maximise safety and cleanliness. Our fully automatic units eliminate problems such as unsightliness and contamination because users do not need to touch the device at all; instead, they merely pass their hands in front of the sensor, and the unit opens – it’s that simple. The lid closes automatically after a few moments, ensuring that the bin remains closed when not in use. This unique design allows the unit to stay clean at all times and prevents users from having to touch a potentially contaminated surface.

The Feminine Hygiene Services You Need from Enviro~LCS

It’s crucial that businesses such as shopping centres, hotels, schools, restaurants, and clubs offer a suitable and hygienic method of feminine hygiene product disposal for all females. You can and should provide your employees, customers, and other washroom users with the essentials they need, including a feminine hygiene vending machine and a safe, sanitary disposal unit. Female users need to dispose of their feminine hygiene products safely and discreetly, and you want to keep your washroom looking neat, clean, and stylish. You can accomplish both with hygiene services from Enviro~LCS.

Our feminine hygiene units are Australian-made to stringent hygiene and design specifications. At each service, we’ll remove the unit and replace it with a thoroughly sterilised one containing a natural, safe odour eliminator and waste treatment product. Units are finished in a neutral silver grey to blend perfectly with any décor. We give you the freedom to decide how often you need service, from bi-weekly to six-weekly with many options in between. Call us today and be sure to ask about our variety of washroom solutions, including hand dryers, soap dispensers, hand sanitisers, nappy disposal, and more.