Why Your Sydney Retail Centres Should Use Dyson Air Hand Dryers in Bathrooms

25 / 10 / 2017

Public restrooms are a necessity in any retail environment, both for employees and customers. However, public facilities can become unsanitary, if not adequately maintained, harmful germs could lead to illness. Through proper sanitisation and a few products that eliminate any need for physical contact, your retail centre’s bathrooms can be clean, enjoyable places to use. Thanks to the invention of products such as automatic taps, no-touch soap dispensers, and air hand dryers, public restrooms have become more sanitary places. If your business’ public bathrooms don’t have these, you may want to consider it. Their installation will lead to fewer germs as well as a many other benefits for your business.

At Enviro~LCS, we provide a wide selection of washroom products that are focused on promoting healthy living and being environmentally friendly. You’ll find a variety of high-quality air hand dryers for your Sydney washrooms. By installing a Dyson hand dryer, you’ll not only increase how hygienic your public restrooms are, but you’ll also help the environment and cut down on your electric bills.

Benefits of Our Dyson Air Hand Dryer for Sydney Businesses

The benefits and advantages of a Dyson hand dryer for your Sydney business far outweigh those of a paper towel dispenser. For one, air-jet hand dryers cut out the need for any paper towels, resulting in decreased costs and a better environment. Without the need for large quantities of paper towels, your business will save money on operating costs and help eliminate a considerable amount of your non-recyclable waste. Studies have shown that, by using air hand dryers instead of paper towels, a business can cut out up to 15% of its non-recyclable waste, which helps the Australian environment. If all companies were to invest in these dryers, the country would be well on its way to eliminating the landfill problems.

Dyson hand dryers also benefit your cleaning staff; without the litter of paper towels, your team will have an easier time cleaning the washrooms at regular intervals, resulting in more time for them to perform other essential tasks. As these hand dryers are essentially labour-free, you will cut down on cleaning costs.

An Enviro~LCS air-jet, Dyson hand dryer in your Sydney washroom, not only speeds up hand drying time but runs much quieter than your average hand dryer.

Cut Down on Costs

If you’re ready to cut down on costs, both for paper products and labour, it’s time to invest in Enviro~LCS air hand dryers. As one of Australia’s leaders in eco-friendly and health-conscious washroom products, we have some of the best dryers you’ll find in the country. We supply businesses throughout the healthcare, hotel, and retail industries with top-quality health and hygiene products at affordable prices.

Get rid of your paper towels and increase your washroom’s cleanliness by calling us on 02 9310 1400 to discuss our hand dryers. You can also fill out our quick contact form here.